Families / Professionals / Wealth

Personalised and independent financial solutions.

A global, in-depth analysis of the client’s situation allows us to find the most suitable answers to cover specific needs and objectives. Our analysis encompasses the three most important personal spheres.

Family sphere.

By regularly consulting with leading outside specialists, locally as well as nation and worldwide, we submit our clients excellent, competent and timely proposals on:

  • strategies and structures to safeguard their assets (foundations and trusts);
  • strategies and structures for aggregating and optimising assets (holdings, policies, private funds);
  • fiscal and succession planning;
  • family governance;
  • legal structures and special purpose vehicles (private investment companies and/or special operations companies).

Professional sphere.

We concentrate primarily on professionals and entrepreneurs, advising them on questions related to an efficient wealth risk management. All too often, in fact, the two elements of personal and corporate wealth are too tightly interlaced. Similar concentrations require a careful assessment of risks in view of finding viable and flexible solutions.

Wealth sphere.

The Family Office principle revolves around the need to coordinate and manage consistent private wealth within one single organisation unit.