Delivering excellent, competent
and dedicated services to our clients.

What is a Multi-Family Office?

The Multi-Family Office, whose concept was developed in Anglo-Saxon countries, is by nature an independent structure offering a vast array of services to affluent families and individuals with complex asset requirements. It coordinates and streamlines within one single competence centre all the activities needed for globally managing one’s family’s global wealth, complying with strict security requirements, assuring the assets’ growth and a smooth handover to the next generation. The Multi-Family Office works in the exclusive interest of the client and is compensated by the latter.

Why should I instruct MVC & Partners to supervise my assets?

In order to rely on a partner whose advice is impartial, independent and given in your exclusive interest.

If I opt for MVC & Partners, will my assets be burdened with additional costs?

Not usually. We are in fact in a position to negotiate the best financial conditions for legal structures, custody, asset management and transaction fees, so that the savings often by far exceed the costs of our services.

What is the trademark of MVC & Partners’ investment approach?

Our unbiased judgment and the fact that we strictly respect the risk parameters decided with you. We would never exploit trends or extraordinary performance opportunities if we fear that they do not comply with your risk profile.

On what is the quality of MVC & Partners’ service based?

The high standard of MVC & Partners leverages on a team of in-house professionals who focus their manifold internal competencies on a limited number of clients, whenever necessary involving a network of best-in-class outside specialists for taxation, legal and financial purposes.

How can you really assure an overall vision of my assets?

The INSA software on which we rely supports us in the process of consolidating the asset positions of our clients, regardless of the number of custodian banks involved.